La #caravana de Historias ep 7


Introducing Kevin Dies, a ‘campesino’ who was forced to leave his wife and three children behind in order to find work in the US. Here he talks about organised gang violence in Honduras.
In recent years, as the journey north to the US has become more and more dangerous, a growing number of migrants, in particular women with children and other vulnerable people have chosen to travel together in what has become known as ‘migrant caravans’.
In November 2018, the largest of these to date, some 7000 people, arrived in Mexico City. These men, women and children had been walking and hitching rides from their homes in Honduras, fleeing violence and poverty.
While members of this caravan were resting in Mexico City we managed to catch up with a few people and hear their personal stories. We then shared these daily, to help counter the campaign of misinformation and anti-migrant propaganda that was and is rife on social media.

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